Cold Chain Logistics Committee (CCLC) is a branch of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP). CFLP was formerly the Ministry of the State Materials and approved to establish by the State Council during the government institution restructure in 2001. CFLP is the national first level society group and a member of the national modern logistics inter-ministerial council, which has functions of industry statistics, foreign affairs, standards set and revision, science and technology, education and training. Besides, issuing PMI, appraising and electing Logistics Science &Technology Advance Awards candidates, evaluating Logistics Role Model Workers, and conferring Logistics Specialist Certificate are also responsibilities of CFLP. CCLC, as the unique national-level organization in cold chain industry, was approved to establish by the MCA, supported by Ministry of Commerce. It carries out industry works, such as policies research, statistics, standards formulating and revision, education and training, convention and exhibition, international communication, assessment of certification, technology innovation, concept promotion etc., under the rules and business scope of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, to whom CCLC is subordinated to.


10 years ago, China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP) began to work with U.S. Agricultural Trade Office on the topics of promoting cold chain communication and cooperation between China and US regulators and companies. Hence, the U.S.-China Cold Chain Logistics Conference came into place. Since 2013, Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) joined as an organizer. The conference grew in scale over the years, and saw more and more government units, associations and companies from different countries joining the conference, therefore the conference was renamed ‘Global Cold Chain Summit’, meaning that from then on, we aim to bring together cold chain professionals from around the world for knowledge sharing, networking, and business development. Today the Global Cold Chain Summit has grown into an internationally well-known conference. Previously we have accumulatively had over 7,000 attendees from US, UK, Japan, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, India and over 20 other countries.

After the tremendous success of the previous CCLC Global Cold Chain Summit, we are proud to announce that this year’s conference will be hosted in collaboration with U.S. Agricultural Trade Office and Global Cold Chain Alliance in Qingdao, China, 26-28 June! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about and exchange on the latest advancements in Supply & Cold Chain Logistics this June!